Where are classes held?
Classes may be held in-person or on ZOOM. Please see class schedule for locations.
Virtual Class Tips
Please disable all other wireless devices for the strongest virtual class connection. Refresh the page if your screen freezes. If lag in music, leave then rejoin audio again.
What do I need for class?
  • Stretch + Flow: This class is designed to do in bare feet, however, you may wear: dance sneakers, dance socks, or yoga socks with some grip to not slide all over the floor
  • A yoga mat / blanket is required for stretching and/or floor work
  • A chair for barre work
  • An exercise band may be required for some classes
  • Danse Series: Comfortable, flexible sneakers for the workout portion of the class are recommended.
  • A yoga mat or blanket for floor work.
  • Heels are not required, but sometimes we may feel like wearing them for the danse choreography! This class is for you, do what makes you feel comfortable and sexy!
  • Zumba: Dance sneakers, a small towel, a water bottle and a smile :)
Who can take your Danse Series classes?
Any diva searching for a time to let loose after a busy day or just to have a fun personal experience in a non-judgemental environment among friends!
Do you offer Private Lessons, Parties with Group Rates or Packages?
Yes! Private Lessons, private parties including Bachelorette Parties, Zumba & Zumba Kids Parties, Girls Night Out, Graduation, etc.
Please contact me for more info.
**We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a dance series if minimum requirements are not met. Refunds will be honoured prior to the start of a dance series.